Dave Wexler- guitar
Stan Lyon- guitar
Jay Swanson- keyboards
Chet Santia- bass and guitar
Paul Williams- drums & percussion
Tammany Hall
Worcester, Mass.
July 6, 2000
(opener for Juggernaut and Architectural Metaphor)
runtime: 66:06
1: 12:49
2: the hidden moon 15:25
3: 8:13 (cuts in)
4: 8:58
5: 7:24
6: 12:27
7: band introductions and outro :47
lineage: Naka. CM-100 microphones on stands in frond of the soundboard >
Radio Shack mini-mixer >
Naka. BX-100 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Radio Shack 110 min. and Maxell XLII-S 90 min. master cassettes >
soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
A Glasnost Radio Production (not just practice this time)
and a 3 step torrent from glasnostrd19 to you.
(1st time seeded directly from my master tape.)
Tammany Hall was and still is more like a club than a hall,
and often called by locals the Tammany Club. I recorded a few shows
there with mikes hanging from the lighting so no mikes or crowd
are bothered by each other. this was one of them. the sound was
pretty good in there, I wasn't real thrilled with the performance
of Arch. Met. in this concert, and it's not likely many have heard
of "juggernaut" (they were pretty good, I thought), but I thought
this performance was very good. I had never seen, barely heard of
them before this show. they sound like a blend of Tangerine Dream,
Obscured era Pink Floyd, maybe mid-70's era Hillage music. I think
these songs are all originals of theirs, hoping to educate us all
of these song titles (dime has been very helpful there when other
resources are not available or known to me) and others to a very
good prog/space rock band from Columbus, Ohio. Unfortunately after
track 2 ended, someone pulled the plug on my deck. (it wasn't
someone with the band, they gave me permission to record it for
radio broadcast.) it may have been an accident, but I caught it
maybe 30 seconds or so into track 3 and re-started the recording.
I was pissed because the Radio Snack tape was used especially to
avoid a cut recording, and the one tape flip was a smooth one about
52 minutes into this set, between songs. so it would have been an
uncut recording, still almost complete and althougfh I never before
had used a Radio Shack tape of any kind, never mind a 110 min.
cassette, I was very worried it would come out lousy, but it didn't.
the difference between that and the Maxell XLII that recorded the
rest of this set is not that significant. neither tape has been
played alot and didn't have any noticable problems in this transfer.
I am glad to know that etree at least has this band in their listing
(2 shows, one from 2000, one from 2001, both in Columbus Ohio, and
no setlists or band member listing.)
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.