Quebe Sisters Band
live at the
Lowell Folk Music Festival
at Boarding House Park
Lowell, Massachusetts USA
July 30, 2011
live broadcast on WGBH-FM Boston
National Public Radio

The Quebe Sisters Band are a three-fiddle Western swing group from Fort Worth, Texas

48:46 minutes


101 radio intro 1:34
102 5:05
103 intro 3:05
104 Across the Alley from the Alamo (Bob Wills) 3:02
105 intro 0:19
106 Cold Cold Heart (Hank Williams) 5:37
107 intro 0:23
108 Goin' Away Party (Cindy Walker) 7:37
109 intro 0:19
110 All of Me (Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons) 2:45
111 intro 0:21
112 The Wayfaring Stranger (traditional) 2:52
113 intro 1:09
114 The Flowers of Edinburgh (traditional) 2:24
115 I Can't Go On This Way (Bob Wills) 3:00
116 intro 1:23
117 How High the Moon (Morgan Lewis and Nancy Hamilton) 2:45
118 intro 0:48
119 It's a Sin to Tell a Lie (Billy Mayhew) 3:25
120 radio outro 0:31


Grace Quebe: fiddle and vocals
Sophia Quebe: fiddle and vocals
Hulda Quebe: fiddle and vocals
Joey L. McKenzie: guitar
Drew Phelps: upright bass

live at the Cook Shack

Marty Stuart Show




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