Liverpool, UK
November 17, 1973

Lineage: Ken Testi's Master Cassette > WAV > CDR (x) > WAV > FLAC Frontend level 8

This show was recorded on one side of a 60-minute tape by one of the band's roadies, Ken Testi. It's the best quality of all Queen audience recordings from 1973.

It's a recording of Queen's mere fifth gig supporting Mott The Hoople. Perhaps Ken only recorded half an hour of the show because he was saving side B of the tape for Mott's set.

This is certainly the best-sounding recording from Queen's first tour, revealing a hungry band ready to conquer the world - or at least, a small part of it. Great versions of Father To Son and Hangman are captured here.

1. Procession
2. Father To Son
3. Son And Daughter
4. Ogre Battle
5. Hangman
6. Keep Yourself Alive
7. Liar (cut)

Distribute these files only if they are left completely unaltered, and always include the lineage information. As always with my shares (and preferably everybody else's!), be sure that this recording is not made available at Queenzone or elsewhere in mp3 or any other lossy format. Keep lossless files lossless, unless it's for your own (ab)use. :)


Sir GH