Uris Theater, New York City, New York

Lineage : AUD > ? > CD(x) > WAV > remastering in Cool Edit Pro > WAV > FLAC level 8 (Trader's Little Helper)

This is my attempt to remaster an old recording of Uris Theater, New York, USA, 7th of May 1974.
I have an excellent quality version of this concert, but it is only a 128kbps mp3 and it misses Liar.
Some nice lady (Ginger01 ???) shared here a couple of months (years) ago a lossless version, which included Liar, but had much worse sound quality and serious speed / pitch problems, noticable for example on Procession.

I took the flacs shared here, decoded them to wavs and opened them in Cool Edit Pro. I did some equalisation to make it sound less bass heavy and corrected the speed where it was possible. The resulting wavs where again encoded to FLAC (level 8).

Tracklist :
1. Procession
2. Father To Son
3. Ogre Battle
4. Son And Daughter
5. Liar
6. Keep Yourself Alive
7. Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
8. Big Spender
9. Rock'n'Roll medley

Enjoy and please don't convert to lossy formats.
Also if you have a lossless version of the better sounding recording, please share it.