Santa Monica, CA, USA
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
March 29, 1975 - late show, 11:30pm

This is a classic bootleg from Queen's first headlining US tour, for Sheer Heart Attack. Not only is the performance excellent, but after the first song on the tape Mercury points out that John Deacon's pants have split and makes a spectacle out of it.

Later versions of this LP were pressed in mono sound, and all later versions on CD (under this name and others) didn't sound quite as good as this.

The LP was kindly transferred by Ferdy. All I did was divide the tracks and raise the volume about 30%, and removed the superfluous hum at the end of Jailhouse Rock.

AUD > ? > "The Royal American Tour 1975" LP > preamp > standalone CD audio recorder > WAV (GoldWave fixes) > FLAC (level 8)

Thanks also to the original taper, whoever you are!

More info here:


1) Flick Of The Wrist
2) In The Lap Of The Gods
3) Killer Queen
4) The March Of The Black Queen
5) Bring Back That Leroy Brown
6) Son And Daughter
7) Keep Yourself Alive
8) Stone Cold Crazy
9) Liar
10) Big Spender
11) Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll
12) Jailhouse Rock [cut]

Enjoy, and keep it lossless !