Toledo, OH, USA
Toledo Sports Arena
January 30, 1977

Previously uncirculated, this is a recording of Queen from the A Day At The Races tour. Sadly it cuts out part way through because the taper's batteries ran out. But what is captured here is a solid, tight show from Queen in their prime. Freddie Mercury sounds about as good as he'd sound on this tour - playing it safe with most of the higher notes, but singing with vigour and passion throughout.

The tape speed was a bit fast and has been corrected here. Brighton Rock was particularly tricky to do, as it progressively sped up due to the dying batteries.

Many thanks to Steven Blessing for taping and initially posting it onto YouTube, and to Ryan Newton for procuring a lossless copy.

Taper's notes:

One of the best concerts I ever attended.
What in the world a band as big as Queen was doing playing in the toilet that was the 5000 seat Toledo Sports Arena is beyond me. And with Thin Lizzy opening! Tickets cost $7.00 - you got your money's worth in them days!
I snuck a small (at the time) cassette recorder in - unfortunately, I didn't bring an extra set of batteries and although I was able to record all of Thin Lizzy's set, the batteries died 7 songs into Queen's show.

AUD > Master Cassette > ? > WAV > GoldWave (normalization, speed correction) > FLAC level 8

Taping gear: Panasonic RQ-212DS with built-in mic

more info:


1. A Day At The Races overture
2. Tie Your Mother Down
3. Ogre Battle
4. White Queen
5. Somebody to Love
6. Killer Queen
7. The Millionaire Waltz
8. You're My Best Friend
9. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
10. Sweet Lady
11. Brighton Rock

Enjoy, and please keep it lossless (and don't bootleg this - particularly rockinconcerts.com; if you are the person who runs that website, you are pure scum).