Boston Garden, Boston Mass
Feb 9th 1977
Audience Recording (Incomplete)
Total Time: 80:35

1. Overture
2. Tie Your Mother Down
3. Ogre Battle
4. White Queen
5. Somebody to Love (Channel Drops out-switch to mono briefly)

6. Killer Queen->
7. The Millionaire Waltz->
8. You're My Best Friend->
9. Bring Back That Leroy Brown

Cassette Flip before Champaigne toast

10.Sweet Lady
11.Brighton Rock->
Guitar Solo->
Brighton Rock(Reprise)
12.' 39 (Channel Drops out-mono almost entire song)

Cassette Flip

13.You Take My Breath Away
14.White Man
15.The Prophet's Song
16.Bohemian Rhapsody
17.Stone Cold Crazy
18.Keep Yourself Alive

Audience Recording:

Extended stage
1st row far right
Recorded on a (2) Maxell UD90's
w/ Sony TC-152 Portable Cassette Deck / Tape Position 'Normal' / Dolby 'B' in
using Sony ECM-99A (hand held one point stereo mic)

Sony TC-152 Cassette Deck / Tape Position 'Normal' / Dolby 'B' out --> / Revox B-77 (Maxell UD35-90 7 1/2 ips) / Tascam CD-RW2000 --> EAC --> Goldwav --> FLAC 8

Heads were aligned for optimum playback.
As with all Digital releases, this is for free trade or blank media trade only.
Not to be bought or sold. Keep the spirit of trading alive and well.
Nothing has been edited out or EQ'd!! Hezekiahx2

Note Nordico:

Fixed dropouts with Nero Wave Editor in "Intro", "Somebody To Love", "Killer Queen", "Brighton Rock"
and intro "'39" by copying right channel into the left one and added a stereo effect in some cases.

Add Stereo effect (broadening) with Nero Wave Editor (since the stereo effect was missing) in"
- Somebody To Love (0'39 - 0'45, around 1 min)
- Brighton Rock (3'46 - 3'57, 7'13 - 7'20, 10'29 - 10'52, 11'06 - 11'14)
- '39 (beginning - 3'08)

Edit/Cut between the tracks with Cassette Flips, with Nero Wave Editor.

Speeded up a tiny little bit tracks 1 - 15 with Goldwave.
Speeded down "Liar" with Goldwave almost a semitone, but it's a mess since in the end everything is jingling and jangling due to battery failure

Brought down the bass around 200 Hz with Nero Burning
Add a tiny little bit some High frequency�s with Nero Burning

Finally split "White Man" & "The Prophet's Song" in two separate tracks with Nero Burning

Flac (original Share) > Edit/Fixing Nero Wave Editor > Speed correction Goldwave > Nero Burning (with eq) > Silvers > Audiograbber To WAV > Flac frontend Level 8 To Flac

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