London, UK
Wembley Arena
May 13, 1978

This is a nice upgrade of the last News Of The World show. Great gig, and last ever performances of White Queen, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, The Millionaire Waltz, My Melancholy Blues, White Man and The Prophet's Song.

This lower generation copy is missing the last ten seconds of the tape, so I patched in the missing part from the old version.

AUD > ? > CDR (x) > WAV (GoldWave speed correction) > FLAC level 8

1) Somebody To Love
2) White Queen
3) Death On Two Legs
4) Killer Queen
5) Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
6) I'm In Love With My Car
7) Get Down Make Love
8) The Millionaire Waltz
9) You're My Best Friend
10) Spread Your Wings
11) It's Late
12) Now I'm Here
13) Love Of My Life
14) '39
15) My Melancholy Blues
16) White Man
17) The Prophet's Song
18) guitar solo [cut]

Enjoy, and convert to lossy only for your own (ab)use.