New York, NY, USA
Madison Square Garden
November 17, 1978

This is a third audience source of this classic show, and by far the best of the three, taped close to the stage. It is allegedly from a first generation tape, but full lineage was not provided. 5 1/2 songs are unfortunately missing.

This is the famous show where strippers hand picked by Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor joined the band on bicycles at the end of Fat Bottomed Girls. Listen to the audience reaction after "get on your bikes and ride!"

Early versions of this audience source popped up on compilation bootleg LPs in the 90s such as "Lazing On A Night At The Galileo Opera" and "News Of The 77/78 World Tour", and then bootleg CDs like "Ultra Rare Trax" and "The Ultimate Rarities Collection" - but it was just three songs at most that were heard. It was a long road until this uncut copy of the tape finally emerged.

It's one of the best Queen audience tapes in existence. The quality even improves a bit by Fat Bottomed Girls to the end of the show. Enjoy the pure analog goodness.

Some of Freddie's speech before Fat Bottomed Girls is missing on this copy, possibly because the taper and his pal are arguing over the missing songs. I have included an alternate version of the song with rest of the banter seamlessly spliced in from a slightly inferior sounding copy.

AUD > Master Cassette > 1st Gen Cassette > ? > WAV (GoldWave pitch/speed correction) > FLAC (Frontend level 8)

Thanks to the taper (whoever you are), and to YourValentine for tracking down this transfer !

More info here:


1) We Will Rock You (fast)
2) Let Me Entertain You
3) Somebody To Love
4) If You Can't Beat Them
5) Death On Two Legs
6) Killer Queen
7) Bicycle Race
8) I'm In Love With My Car
9) Get Down Make Love
10) You're My Best Friend
11) Brighton Rock [cut]
12) Fat Bottomed Girls
13) Keep Yourself Alive
14) Bohemian Rhapsody
15) Tie Your Mother Down
16) Sheer Heart Attack
17) We Will Rock You
18) We Are The Champions

Convert to lossy only for your own (ab)use. Enjoy!