South America Bites The Dust, part 1

Band : Queen
Date : 28. February 1981
Venue : Estadio 'José Amalfitani' del Club Atlético Vélez Sársfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina

----My notes (g_pretender)----

This is the most complete and best sounding version of this show.
Thanks to Wilky Ameva and pittrek for all the work done to bring this to the fans.
The info below was compiled from the info provided by Wilky and pittrek,
slightly edited for clarity.

Originaly shared on by Wilky Ameva and pittrek

----End my notes----

This is a merge of the following 3 sources:

----notes by Wilky Amieva----

* Source A:
Soundboard -> Radio Rivadavia stereo 1-inch reel master -> 'Gogo' Safigueroa 90-min cassette (with fades) -> TDK SA90 cassette -> MOTU 24 I/O -> WAV (stereo 94 kHz/24-bit)
Local entertainment journalist José María 'Gogo' Safigueroa's 53th birthday was on this day.
He attended the concert and later received this cassette as a present. Unfortunately,
the sound engineer who made the copy used a 90-minute cassette, so Now I'm Here - reprise
and God Save The Queen were cut in order to fit the rest of the audio - also very long fades
were applied to the end of Dragon Attack and We Are The Champions.
The original reel master has been lost beyond recollection. Sadly,
'Gogo' died last year prior to the QUEEN+Paul Rodgers concert.
This 2nd generation recording was provided by a kind collector.

** Source B:
FIRST MAJOR ROCK, Gypsy Eye 045/046.
Original silver CDs -> WAV (stereo 44.1 kHz/16-bit).
This bootleg (as most from this show) comes from a ?th generation copy from the above 'Gogo' cassette,
made in the late 80's/early 90's - somewhere somehow the start of the Overture was trimmed a little bit further.

*** Source C:
Soundboard -> Mono 120-min cassette -> ? -> Rock & Pop FM 2001 special -> WAV (stereo 48 kHz/24-bit)
Some cassettes were made during the concert and handled to some media/PR people shortly afterwards
those were complete recordings copied onto 120-minute cassettes but in mono!
In 2001, local FM Rock & Pop hosted a special show commemorating the 20th anniversary of the QUEEN concerts in Argentina.
A fellow collector provided the radio station with some material that came from an unknown generation copy of one of these mono cassettes.
Need Your Loving Tonight, Rock It, Save Me and Now I'm Here+Dragon Attack+Now I'm Here - reprise were broadcasted.
I recorded the program using my PC.

I extracted the CDs using Exact Audio Copy (EAC) 0.99 pre-beta 4.
Editing was performed in Adobe Audition 3.0 (compilation 7283.0).
Despite the SA90 cassette not being in top form, I found it was
better to use this source for the audio restoration in the fades,
specially in We Are The Champions. Encoded in FLAC (stereo 44.1 kHz/16-bit)
level 8 using FLAC FrontEnd 1.7.1 Eltree edition.

As a final note: Fat Bottomed Girls was NOT played at this concert, so the only missing song is now God Save The Queen.

this resulted in the following tracks to be added/replaced in existing copies of source B:

CD 1
1. Overture */**
13. Dragon Attack **/* + Now I'm Here [reprise] ***

CD 2
1. Love Of My Life */**
10. We Are The Champions **/*

----End notes by Wilky Amieva----

----Notes by pittrek----

I have taken the bootleg "First Major Rock" (Source B) and listened to it carefully.
The whole bootleg runs in incorrect speed, and has many different (short) sound
droputs. I have taken the bootleg, opened it in the good old Cool Edit Pro,
corrected the speed (I slowed it down by 103%), corrected most of the sound dropouts
and also removed the hiss on some tracks. Then I added Wilki's tracks and
the result is this nice share :

Tracklist :

CD 1
1. Overture */**
2. We Will Rock You (fast) **
3. Let Me Entertain You **
4. Play The Game **
5. Mustapha **
6. Death on Two Legs**
7. Killer Queen **
8. I'm In Love With My Car **
9. Need Your Loving Tonight **
10. Rock It **
11. Save Me **
12. Now I'm Here **
13. Dragon Attack **/* + Now I'm Here [reprise] ***

CD 2
1. Love Of My Life */**
2. Keep Yourself Alive / drum solo / Brighton Rock **
3. Flash / The Hero **
4. Crazy Little Thing Called Love **
5. Bohemian Rhapsody **
6. Tie Your Mother Down **
7. Another One Bites The Dust **
8. Sheer Heart Attack **
9. We Will Rock You [slow] **
10. We Are The Champions **/*

Do not convert to mp3 please unless for personal (miss)use.
Enjoy and Merry Christmas
pittrek @ 2011

----End notes by pittrek----

-- review of the show taken from --

This is Queen's first performance in Argentina. The band have plenty to prove to
their new South American audiences - something they haven't needed to do on this
level in several years, which would lead to seven incredibly energetic performances
over the next three weeks.

Queen were the first rock band to play the big football stadiums in South
America - a huge accomplishment. Just to grasp the idea of how popular the band
were at the time, 9 of the top 10 albums in the Argentinian album chart were
Queen albums. Reflecting on 1981, John Deacon later said it was "A year for
discovering new audiences we didn't know existed." Similar to their first visit
to Japan, they were being treated like The Beatles in America in 1964. As if
that wasn't enough, radio and TV stations would interrupt regularly scheduled
programs with special Queen news bulletins.

Although the venue normally attributed to the shows in Buenos Aires is "Vélez
Sársfield," the name of the stadium is "Estadio José Amalfitani." Vélez Sársfield
is the name of the Buenos Aires football team. South American stadiums are often
named informally after the teams that inhabit them, as football is such a huge
part of their culture.

After the first song, Freddie very excitedly greets the equally excited audience
in Spanish. The band perform their set full of vigour, and Freddie, as usual
during this time period, is in fantastic voice. Brian, although not always
perfectly clean with his guitar playing tonight, creates a beautiful solo with
the delay in Need Your Loving Tonight. It must have been difficult to concentrate
on business as usual while buzzing off the energy of their first South American
audience. Freddie Mercury stated after the show how nervous the band were,
particularly about how the audience, who had never seen a big rock concert,
would respond. Much to their delight, everything ran perfectly, on stage and off.

Like he did in Tokyo, Freddie says a few words between lines of the first verse
of Rock It. After the first stanza he says, "Let's see if I hit it," but he
chickens out, saying "I'm never gonna make that note," followed by a lower yet
soulful take of "Thaaaaat rock and roll."

The show was broadcast live on the radio, but no recording of it has seen the
light of day. However, incomplete recordings from a soundboard tape have circulated
for many years.