Estadio Olimpico Ignacio Zaragoza
Puebla, Puebla, MX

I dont know if this record has been shared before, anyway here's an alternate source , it contains the complete guitar solo (incluiding "i go crazy")and a crowd announcement after God save the Queen
enjoy it...

Recording length: 95 minutes (2 CD, complete)
Quality: B-
Source: Audience
Lineage: AUD > ? > CDR (x)
Track listing:

Jailhouse Rock 2:27
We Will Rock You (fast)2:44
Let Me Entertain You 2:59
Play The Game 4:19
Somebody To Love 7:26
I'm In Love With My Car 2:52
Get Down Make Love 4:55
Need Your Loving Tonight 3:30
Save Me 4:42
Now I'm Here 4:33
Dragon Attack 5:24

Love Of My Life 4:50
Keep Yourself Alive, drum solo 4:36
guitar solo (including I Go Crazy), Flash, The Hero 9:37
Crazy Little Thing Called Love 4:00
Bohemian Rhapsody 5:39
Tie Your Mother Down 3:41
Another One Bites The Dust 3:44
Sheer Heart Attack 3:28
We Will Rock You 2:10
We Are The Champions 3:29
God Save The Queen - Crowd announcement 1:34

For years it was thought that this concert was on October 16, but this is the second night, the 18th.
This is the last show where Queen used Jailhouse Rock as the opener. After next month's shows in Montreal,
the Elvis classic would be heard only once in 1982, but would be revived to be part of the encore for the majority of the Works tour.
Freddie, after Somebody To Love: "Oh yeah, it sure is a bit better tonight! This next song is from A Night At The Opera.
This is written by Roger Taylor; it's called I'm In Love With My Car." Freddie rarely had the opportunity to introduce
this song as it was usually part of a medley.
This show marks the final performance of Need Your Loving Tonight.
This is the first time Brian would play the riffs from the future B-side "I Go Crazy" during his solo spot.
He would do it a few more times in Europe the following year.
"Ok, let's do Tie Your Mother Down!" - another rare intro by Freddie.
At the end of the show: "Thank you for being a totally different audience tonight. We all thank you. Muchos gracias."

And the classical "otra, otra, otra" from the crowd