Leiden, The Netherlands
June 11, 1986

Notes by The Real Wizard (who shared this show)
This is source 4. It was taped near the stage and is pretty clear-sounding with minimal tape hiss. The two cuts are very brief ones for tape flips. The first couple minutes of the INXS opening set were taped as well.

Is this the best source? You guys decide!

Additional notes as copied from www.queenlive.ca:
This is the first of ten Magic tour shows to be held indoors (with Brussels, Munich, Z�rich, and Vienna being the other cities).
Before the show begins, the audience sing a Dutch football song.

After the second song, Freddie is dripping with energy, shouting, "How are you bunch of cocks?" The audience then begin to sing their football song again upon Freddie's request, and the band join in, much to the delight of everyone on hand.
They would sing the football song a few more times tonight, and at the two Leiden concerts in the near future.
Freddie delivers what is undoubtedly his definitive live version of A Kind Of Magic tonight, while Brian adds some very tasty guitar lines in the extended end section. Then, after a lengthy and adventurous vocal exchange with the audience, Freddie simply says, "Beautiful."
After Under Pressure, he tells the jubilant crowd, "Without a doubt, you must be the best singers around, really."

He goes on, "I don't say... oh, you want a beer, darlings?" He complies and hands it to someone in the front row. "Don't drop the fucking thing! Pass it around, you bugger. There's enough for everybody."
Roger wants to go into the breakdown of Another One Bites The Dust a bit too soon, but realizes that the jam is continuing onward. At the same time, Freddie insists, "Keep going!"

The impromptu sounds more like the 1985 versions tonight, and it would generally be played like this for the remainder of the tour. Naturally, since it is an improvisation, it will have its differences from night to night.
Brian has a bit of trouble with the chording towards the end of the first verse of Now I'm Here.
The audience sing along to Love Of My Life at an astounding volume, as per the Live Killers version they have all heard. An audience member even adds "Beautiful" after the first verse, just as Freddie did on the live album at that spot.

After he gets to the piano to start Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie makes the first of many chilling comments on this tour about his health (the benefits of hindsight make it seem so, anyway): "This is what happens when you get too old. Your fucking energy runs out half way through the set!"
Freddie, before Crazy Little Thing Called Love: "You know what this guitar means, right? It can only mean one song because it's all I know on this damn guitar. But... let's try and do it."
Friends Will Be Friends is played for the first time at this show, and it is placed between We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions, something which surely surprises people who have seen Queen on previous tours.
For these two nights in Leiden (contrary to the well-known Wembley and Budapest versions) the band perform the complete song. Freddie struggles a bit on the final "Friends Will Be Friends" of each chorus, as he has pushed his voice to its limit all evening.

AUD > ? > WAV > FLAC level 8

1) INXS: Same Direction [cut]
2) One Vision
3) Tie Your Mother Down
4) football song
5) In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited
6) Seven Seas Of Rhye
7) Tear It Up
8) A Kind Of Magic
9) vocal exchange
10) Under Pressure
11) Another One Bites The Dust [cut]
12) Who Wants To Live Forever
13) I Want To Break Free
14) impromptu
15) guitar solo
16) Now I'm Here [cut]
17) Love Of My Life
18) Is This The World We Created...?
19) (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
20) Hello Mary Lou (Goobye Heart)
21) Tutti Frutti
22) Bohemian Rapsody
23) Hammer To Fall
24) Crazy Little Thing Called Love
25) Radio Ga Ga
26) We Will Rock You
27) Friends Will Be Friends
28) We Are The Champions
29) God Save The Queen

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