Z�rich, Switzerland
July 2, 1986

For ages an incomplete copy of this audience tape circulated without the last six songs. The complete show is now available for the first time. This copy has about 30 seconds more at the beginning of the show, and Roger's drum solo at the end of the impromptu is unedited here. Also, the sound quality is a great improvement as it's much closer to the master.

Many thanks to mein anonymous freund for freeing this one from the shackles of obscurity.

As for the show itself - it's definitely not the strongest night for Freddie. His voice isn't in great shape, and two songs are dropped from the set as a result. This best serves as a comparison against brilliant performances like the one in Budapest a few weeks later.

AUD > Master Cassette > 3rd Gen Cassette > ? > CDR (x) > WAV > FLAC

Disc 1:

1) One Vision
2) Tie Your Mother Down
3) Seven Seas Of Rhye
4) Tear It Up
5) A Kind Of Magic
6) Under Pressure
7) Another One Bites The Dust
8) I Want To Break Free
9) impromptu
10) guitar solo
11) Now I'm Here

Disc 2:

1) Love Of My Life
2) Is This The World We Created?
3) (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
4) Hello Mary Lou
5) Tutti Frutti
6) Bohemian Rhapsody
7) Hammer To Fall
8) Crazy Little Thing Called Love
9) Radio Ga Ga
10) We Will Rock You
11) Friends Will Be Friends
12) We Are The Champions
13) God Save The Queen

Enjoy, and convert to lossy only for your own (ab)use!