July 22nd 1986

1.1 Intro 1:59
1.2 One Vision 3:42
1.3 Tie Your Mother Down 4:43
1.4 Seven Seas Of Rhye 1:20
1.5 Tear It Up 2:19
1.6 A Kind Of Magic 5:57
1.7 Vocal Improvisation-Under Pressure 5:23
1.8 Another One Bites The Dust 4:58
1.9 Who Wants To Live Forever 8:01
1.10 Guitar Solo 9:59
1.11 Now I'm Here 5:36
1.12 Love OF My Life 4:40
1.13 Is This The World We Created´┐Ż? 3:00
2.1 You're So Square Baby I Don't Care-Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)-Tutti Frutti 4:31
2.2 Tutti Frutti Cont. 2:05
2.3 Bohemian Rhapsody 5:25
2.4 Hammer To Fall 4:53
2.5 Mustapha Intro-Crazy Little Thing Called Love 5:26
2.6 Radio Ga Ga 6:35
2.7 We Will Rock You 4:15
2.8 Friends Will Be Friends 1:59
2.9 We Are The Champions-God Save The Queen 4:43
Total Time: 1:41:29

This is the second of two nights in Vienna for Queen. The sound quality on this is simply excellent. It's very nice to hear the Mustapha intro to Crazy Little Thing Called Love. This is one of the best Magic Tour shows in my opinion. They didn't play In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited tonight, instead they go right into Seven Seas Of Rhye after Tie Your Mother Down. This is sourced from the master cassette, so it simply can not get any better than this.