Queen + Adam Lambert

2017-07-04, Rogers Place, Edmonton, Canada

01 Intro
02 We Will Rock You (Teaser)
03 Hammer To Fall
04 Stone Cold Crazy
05 Another One Bites The Dust
06 Fat Bottomed Girls
07 Killer Queen
08 Two Fux
09 Don't Stop Me Now
10 Bicycle Race (Abridged)
11 I'm In Love With My Car
12 Get Down Make Love
13 I Want It All
14 Love of my Life
15 Selfie Stick
16 Somebody To Love
17 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
18 Drum Battle
19 Under Pressure
20 It's Late (Cut)
21 Who Wants To Live Forever (With You Take My Breath Away intro)
22 Guitar Solo
23 Freddie Call and Response
24 Radio Ga Ga
25 Bohemian Rhapsody
26 Spread Your Wings
27 We Will Rock You
28 We Are The Champions
29 God Save The Queen


PA System > Zoom iQ5 > Audacity (MS Decoding) > Adobe Audition (EQ/Mix/Master) > Foobar2000 (Tagging) > You (Not converting to lossy formats)

Queeeeeeeeeen! Aaahahahha aahahaha aaahahaha. <3

On some actual technical notes, the first two songs I had my gain too high so I had adjusted it down a bit during Stone Cold Crazy, but not before accidentally turning it up like an idiot. And on It's Late, there's a tiny cut just cause I wanted to ensure that there was no software stupidity when it came to my recording of the show, since there was one incident with my Video Games Live recording (not on here) that I had a strange.. I guess software error, where while the device was recording, or supposed to be recording, it said it was recording, but the software actually stopped processing and writing the audio file. I wanted to prevent that from happening, and I know Queen shows are longer, so I figured doing that might be a good idea. And, I used some interesting compression on Brian when he was on the B-Stage, and yes before anyone tells me, I know it phases slightly in my crossfades.