Artist: Queen + Adam Lambert
Venue: An Arena
City & State: Cleveland, Ohio
Date: July 21st, 2017
Seat: Section 123, Row 9, Seat 3 (upgraded from nosebleeds in section 223)

Lineage: Roland R-05 (PCM @ 96/24 w/a Sandisk Class 4 32GB Class 10 SDHC Card > PC via USB > Audacity > Downsample to 44.1/16 > AIFF > Sound Studio (Track Splitting) > AIFF > FLAC > DIME > You


1. Introduction/We Will Rock You (Intro)
2. Hammer To Fall
3. Stone Cold Crazy
4. Another One Bites The Dust
5. Fat Bottomed Girls
6. Killer Queen/Adam Banter
7. Two Fun
8. Don�t Stop Me Now
9. Bicycle Race
10. I�m In Love With My Car
11. Get Down Make Love
12. I Want It All
13. Love Of My Life
14. Stereoscopic Selfie Stick Segment
15. Somebody To Love
16. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
17. Drum Duel/Band Introduction
18. Under Pressure
19. I Want To Break Free
20. You Take My Breath Away (Intro)
21. Who Wants To Live Forever
22. Guitar Solo/Last Horizon
23. Freddie Mercury Day-O
24. Radio Ga Ga
25. Bohemian Rhapsody/Encore Wait
26. We Will Rock You
27. We Are The Champions
28. God Save The Queen

Notes: I attended the show prior to this (Auburn Hills) and got busted at the gate for the recording device (increased security and user error). Thankfully I just had to return the device to the car. It was a great show overall, but it�s a shame I couldn�t record it. On this show, I tried a different approach to get the recorder in and it worked! I knew I had to make up for my blunder, so I did my best to get the best sound quality. The Roland R05 was pointing up at the house speakers and I set the volume slightly lower than usual to ensure that I got a clean recording. The sound quality is excellent overall but due to a mix of security/ushers going through the area (possible concert-goer drama) and me having to use the restroom after drinking, I set the recorder inside a cup holder and covered it with a shirt during �I Want To Break Free.� The sound is slightly more muffled on that song, but it�s still good. That�s the only song with that muffled effect. Out of the (to date) five Queen + AL shows I�ve attended, this was the best one of all! I will attend more shows when they next tour!

Recorded, tracked, and mastered by: Greg Barnes (AKA Gregsynth/Gregsynthbootlegs)
Uploaded to DIME on taper�s request by: Setzer