I thought about inserting here ijwthstd's very honest & forceful assessment of this show, but decided instead to let you search for it.

Queen + Adam Lambert
A Stadium
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
November 12, 2023

The last show of the North American leg of the Rhapsody Tour

Source (presumed): Audience recording > SP-CMC-4U > Sony PCM-A10 (16/44) > usb > WAV. I am uncertain the taper's location in the stadium (it likely different than the location listed on the ticket he bought).

I received it as an untracked WAV from ijwthstd. I made only one change to the audio (CD 1, track 12, the audio being as loud as a whisper - so I made it louder), tracked it with CD Wave, and converted it to FLAC (level 6) with TLH v2.8.4 (Build 185). shntool & auCDdect were acquired with TLH v3.0.0 alpha 1 (build 201). Setlist courtesy of setlist.FM.

CD 1:
01. Machines/Radio Ga Ga >
02. Hammer to Fall
03. Another One Bites the Dust
04. I'm in Love With My Car
05. Bicycle Race >
06. Fat Bottomed Girls
07. I Want It All
08. A Kind of Magic
09. Killer Queen (with Brian May and Roger Taylor introductions)
10. Don't Stop Me Now
11. Somebody to Love
12. Love of My Life
13. '39

CD 2:
01. (timpani solo)
02. (drum solo, with supporting band introductions)
03. Under Pressure (with Adam Lambert’s introduction)
04. Tie Your Mother Down
05. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
06. I Want to Break Free
07. You Take My Breath Away >
08. Who Wants to Live Forever
09. (guitar solo)
10. Is This the World We Created...?
11. The Show Must Go On
12. Bohemian Rhapsody
13. Ay?Oh >
14. We Will Rock You >
15. Radio Ga Ga (reprise)
16. We Are the Champions
xx. God Save the Queen**
xx. Heroes [David Bowie]**

Total time = 130:32

Note: **Played from a taped recording and not recorded by ijwthstd.