Queen Demos
Liberated bootleg
(taken from State Of Shock bootleg)

Lineage: CD-R > Easy CD-DA Extractor 8.2.1 (@ level 8) > FLAC files

I got the CD on a trade as "State Of Shock" bootleg, which also includs title song as well as "There Must Be More To Life Than This" performed by Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury (1983 demos). But I was compilled to remove both the tracks from the upload since they were encoded from low-bitrate compressed files (at least they sound like this).

The rest of demos are of more or less good quality (I can rate them from 5 to 7 of 10).

1990 demos as well as Silver Salmon are GREAT songs!!! Very sad, that they are not released officially.

1. Self Made Man (Innuendo sessions, 1990) (May)
2. Robbery (Innuendo sessions, 1990) (Taylor)
3. My Secret Fantasy (Innuendo sessions, 1990) (Deacon)
4. I Want It All (unheard first-take)
5. Under Pressure (demo, 1981)
6. Feel Like (pre-UnderPressure, 1981)
7. Feelings (unreleased / News Of The World sessions, 1977)
8. Misfire (unheard demo, 1974)
9. Silver Salmon (demo, 197?)

Please share the music for free (fu*k bootleggers) but keep it LOSSLESS. DO NOT ENCODE TO MP3 or any other LOSSY FORMAT, except for your own use.