Queen Supporting Mott The Hoople

Artist: Queen
Title Supporting Mott The Hoople
Date 20th November 1973
Venue: New Theatre Oxford, England (Although the covers claim it to be the Uris Theatre in New York)

Size: 342 MB

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(I am a Linux user so EAC is not an option for me. CDParanoia is just as good(If not better) as EAC)

Track List
1) SOUNDCHECK - Guitar Intro / Ogre Battle / Procession / Father To Son / Procession / Son And Daughter / Bama Lama Loo / Keep Yourself Alive
2) CONCERT Procession / Father To Son
3) Son And Daughter
4) Ogre Battle
5) Hangman
6) Keep Yourself Alive
7) Liar
8) MEDLEY - Jailhouse Rock / Shake Rattle & Roll / Stupid Cupid / Be Bop A Lula / Jailhouse Rock
9) Bama Lama Loo
(Total Disc Time 62:56)


The quality on this show is a bit low, but its nice to have the soundcheck.And its an early show. Good enough for me!


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da58e10f521e86a63e606788d91ccc2e track04.flac
0fd97c84e1c027923664f8a7bdc332f8 track05.flac
c7d46a352826b165b4ea45b0d40ea0e1 track06.flac
aff52c96fd708af9ef365c29107d176a track07.flac
2f9d649f5c99c5f8c2fce2fb1e2712dc track08.flac
4758bf0f41308c7c0b0fe0297ec85246 track09.flac

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Hope you enjoy

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