Queens of the Stone Age
Santa Cruz, CA
September 12, 1999

LunatecV2>SonyD8>SGI Indy(digi-in)>

01 intro/chatter
02 Born to Hula
03 Regular John
04 If Only
05 Mexicola
06 How to Handle a Rope
07 Eccentric Man
08 You Would Know
09 The Bronze
10 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
11 You Can't Quit Me Baby*
12 A #1
13 Hispanic Impressions
14 Avon
15 Walkin on the Sidewalks
16 Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop
17 Tension Head

*during this song, a beligerrent drunk hession dude
began stomping around in a circle, shoulder-checking
everybody within his radius, in an attempt to start
a pit (or something). Josh stopped the song briefly to
have the guy escorted out. The same guy had been thrown
out of the previous night's show at the Cactus Club
in San Jose. In the previous incident, the club's security
removed him without the band's involvement.

Josh: "we don't start 'em, we just finish 'em..."

Recorded & Transfered from the master DAT by Vinny Palese
mkwACT>.shn & seeded by crackmc [crackmc@hotmail.com]