Queens Of The Stone Age - Roseland Ballroom, New York City (NY) 12 November 2000

01. New York, New York (Keyboard Intro)
02. Ode to Clarissa
03. Feel Good Hit of the Summer
04. Quick and to the Pointless
05. Infinity
06. "Play em something sweet, would ya"
07. Better Living Through Chemistry
08. Monsters in the Parasol
09. How to Handle a Rope
10. You Can't Quit Me Baby
11. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Time: 42:08

Sound: A

Front-Of_House Soundboard -> DAT -> CD (#2) -> EAC -> Cubase SX2.0
(using Universal Audio EQ-ing, Waves linMB, and Waves L1) -> Wave (0)
CD (0) -> EAC -> Flac (0) -> BT

Complete: Yes.

Mastered by Prof. Stoned


Prof. sez:
Good support show for the Foo Fighters. Secretly taped from the
mixing desk by...?? (well, probably one of the house sound-engineers).

I did this one a while ago in 2004, before this started circulating.
This remaster makes it a far more enjoyable listening experience,
as the vocals are more into the mix & the bass & guitar are
a bit more upfront.

The sound is more ballsy, just how you want it with a QOTSA recording.
Try this, you won't be dispapointed.

This recording had to be extracted from my original CDR, as I didn't
archive the original wave files. I can guarentee you that it's free from
any digital flaws.



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db Tr.11.wav