Queens Of The Stone Age
Virgin Megastore
San Francisco, CA
August 26, 2002

Schoeps MK4's > Ruetelhuber Preamp >
Sony M1 > DAT Master (44.1kHz/16 bit)

DAT Master > Sony PCM-R300 > Digi 002 Rack >
MacBook Pro > ProTools 8.0.5 > WAV

WAV > MacBook Pro > ProTools 8.0.5
(EQ, compression, mixing, mastering) >
WAV (44.1kHz/16 bit) > FLAC

1. You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar
But I Feel Like A Millionaire
2. Monsters In The Parasol
3. Gonna Leave You
4. If Only
5. No One Knows
6. The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
7. Song For The Deaf >
8. Regular John >
9. Song For The Dead >
10. Regular John
11. God Is In The Radio

-Song For The Deaf record release
-Midnight performance

Josh Homme: guitar, vocals
Nick Oliveri: bass, vocals
Troy Van Leeuwen: guitar, lap steel, vocals
oey Castillo: drums
Mark Lanegan: vocals