Queens Of The Stone Age - Barrowland, Glasgow, Scotland 19th June 2003

01 Intro
02 First It Giveth
03 Do It Again
04 You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire
05 If Only
06 The Sky Is Fallin'
07 Quick And To The Pointless
08 Gonna Leave You
09 Hangin' Tree
10 In The Fade
11 A Song For The Dead
12 Ode To Clarissa
13 Go With The Flow
14 How To Handle A Rope
15 Better Living Through Chemistry
16 Wake Up Screaming
17 Auto Pilot
18 Another Love Song
19 A Song For The Deaf
20 No One Knows
21 I Think I Lost My Headache
22 Tension Head
23 Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
24 Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret

Recording received from jamroom as a single file for splitting and tracking..

Gear lineage:
SP-CMC-2 > SP-SPSB-1 > Sony MZN 707 (LP mode)

Original transfer lineage:
MD Master > MDS-JE770 [hi-fi MD player] > optical output > iRiver H120 [rockboxed] >
USB > Adobe Audition 2 [to join files] > TLH FLAC Level 8

Additional lineage:
FLAC > WAV > MAGIX audio studio generation 6 deLuxe > WAV > TLH FLAC Level 8

rp61 2015


Gary Barrett (alfienoakes on Dime)

Gary was a well-known figure in the Glasgow music scene,
after working in A1 Sounds / Fopp and Avalanche Records for over 20 years.
He also promoted a few shows in the mid 80s. When minidisc technology emerged,
he immediately set himself up for recording and began chronicling all the gigs he attended.
This is a record of all the existing MD�s I found in his massive music collection,
which his brother asked me to transfer on to hard drive. Gary passed away suddenly from
natural causes in Sept 2006, ironically just after he purchased his first HD recorder and only
got to record 2 shows with (Green On Red at King Tut�s being the last one).
Big thanks to jamroom for taking over this project and the many dimebots and others,
who have helped him in this massive endeavour. This MD Project is a tribute to his passion for
live music and supporting local bands and venues.



Eternal thanks to alfienoakes for taping, and to his family for allowing jamroom access to his
recording archive. Many thanks to jamroom for his hard work on getting all the transfers done.

rp61 (rp61hawk on Dime)
March 2015