Queens Of The Stone Age
PJ20 Matrix Mix
Alpine Valley Music Theatre
East Troy, WI
September 3, 2011

A two source "matrix" blend mix of darktrain and tapewormv recordings previously posted online. To make this mix of those sources I also "remastered" the two versions while layering them together - enhanced and sweetened but not compressed, several plug-in effects were used during mixing.

01 intro
02 Turnin' on the Screw
03 Monsters in the Parasol
04 Burn the Witch
05 Little Sister
06 The Sky is Fallin'
07 Mexicola
08 I Think I Lost My Headache
09 Go With the Flow
10 No One Knows
11 outro

Source #1 tapewormv (full frontal guitar assault):
AT831s > SPSB-11(@107) > Edirol R-09 @ 24-bit / 44.1kHz
Source #2 darktrain (overall band with low guitars):
Schoeps MK41's> CMR's> Naiant Tinybox> Sony PCM-M10
My mixdown:
Source #2 DC offset correction in Wavelab 5.01b > All files pulled into Adobe Audition 3 and manually synched (they all line up perfectly - no speed correction needed) > Auto phase and balance correction (both sources) with Audition > Waves Q-10 paragraphic EQ (both sources, varying EQ settings) > Stereo field widening (varying amounts in both sources) > mixdown (full band @ -0db, guitars @ -8db) > overall level boost +3db and peak limiting -0.03db > mixdown file imported to Wavelab 5.01b for tracking > re-tracked mixdown files FLAC8 and torrent via Trader's Little Helper > YOU!!!

Audioarchivist notes:
I saw QOTSA not that long ago, opening for Soundgarden in Vancouver July 29, 2011. I recorded that show with three different rigs. I've shared one of my sources. Two other versions of it were posted from 2 other tapers that were also at the show. I started trying to make a matrix mixdown of the best of all 5 sources - three of them kind of work well together, but the other two of mine don't really improve the mix very much. I'm only 50% happy with it so far. I'm also working on the Soundgarden multimix from my recordings and two other sources of that show that I downloaded. It all promises to be pretty sweet when I really have enough time to finish them all.

While I was working on that, this Pearl Jam 20 show happened, and these two sources were shared. I liked the show a lot, and I love the two very different sounding sources. The main band mix version (darktrain) captures an overall sound of the show, but somehow, it seemed a little weak on guitars. No shortage of guitars in the second version (tapewormv), but it isn't the most pleasing listen as far as hearing the band playing. I thought they would fit together quite nicely, and they do!

So, my focus shifted from my recordings to these ones. I've personally asked darktrain and tapeworm(48) for permission to do this, and I thank both of them for green lighting me. GO!

I first tried blending them without any "effects", and the flat mix from both sources wasn't as good as I thought they would be. I then played with some different approaches to EQ on both versions, gradually ramping up the highs on each one, rolling off some of the extreme low kick thump in the main band source because it was rumble-y and a little dirty sounding, and boosting the lows in the guitar-heavy source because they were weak in the mix but sounded cleaner and more defined. I made a mix and listened to it on a variety of systems, and wasn't quite satisfied. I then tweaked and re-re-re-tweaked settings, adding some widening of the stereo field to each source (just a bit) and making new mixdown files to listen to. Re-do and adjust and re-do some more. This is my 5th attempt at it after making changes and listening again and again and again, and I'm 99% happy with it now. It's not perfect (it isn't a board tape after all!) but I think that hearing the two of them together this way is more pleasing than either recording solo. It sounds to me like I imagine it would sound to be up front and center in the 10th or 12th row or so of the live show.

Since I really put this project to rest with this version of it, a third source recording of the show was released! I don't think I'll ever get around to re-attempting any remixes of this show with three sources - too time consuming when I've got no time and so many other shows in the vaults to get to...

I'd love it if someone made come cool photoshop-y artworx covers for this - if you do make covers, I'd like you to email me copies if you could. Thanks. (Hint: Blackmoor MT font is the Era Vulgaris text, with a modified capital Q)

Hope you enjoy!


The original notes for both sources are below, followed by my messages from both original tapers granting full permission to make this mix, followed by some gobbledegook that Trader's Little Helper spewed out......

Source #1 original notes:

Queens of the Stone Age
Alpine Valley Music Theatre: East Troy, WI
September 3, 2011

Source: AT831s > SPSB-11(@107) > Edirol R-09 @ 24-bit / 44.1kHz
Location: FOB up front dead center
Transfer: SD Card > USB > Audacity (dither) > CDWave > TLH
Taper: tapeworm(48)


01 Intro
02 Turnin' on the Screw
03 Monsters in the Parasol
04 Burn the Witch
05 Intro >
06 Little Sister
07 The Sky is Fallin'
08 Mexicola
09 I Think I Lost My Headache
10 Go With the Flow
11 No One Knows
12 -Outro-

Notes: Opening for Pearl Jam on the first night of the PJ20 Destination Weekend. QOTSA played the 7pm slot on the main stage. Taped from the first 5 rows in the center, so most of the sound was coming from the stage and a center fill speaker which sounded like it was Josh's guitar. Raw transfer with no fades or EQ.

Archive: Master WAV was archived @ 24-bit/44.1kHz and FLAC'd with cue sheet.

Taped and transferred by tapeworm(48)
Txt file compiled on September 5, 2011



Source #2 original notes:

Queens of the Stone Age
Alpine Valley Music Theatre
East Troy, WI

Taper: darktrain
Equip: Schoeps MK41's> CMR's> Naiant Tinybox> Sony PCM-M10
Location: Sec. 203, Row KK


01-Turnin' on the Screw
02-Monsters in the Parasol
03-Burn the Witch
04-Little Sister
05-The Sky is Fallin'
07-I Think I Lost My Headache
08-Go With the Flow
09-No One Knows


Private message 1537214 from tapewormv on 2011-10-01 14:51:15 GMT

You wrote something like this:

Hey now!

I'd like to ask for your permission to do something with your QOTSA PJ20 Sept 3 "Josh's Guitar" recording:
I really makes a great "matrix mix" blend with the other recording posted. It gets a more "whole band" stereo picture, but, coincidentally, the guitars are a bit too low in the mix...
Your wall of guitars really makes the other recording jump out at you! They fit really well together.

Now, I'm still perfecting my mix / mastering / whatever you want to call it. I've already scrapped 3 mixes of it that I've prepared. I think I'm now almost happy with the 4th one that I've now committed. Both of the master recordings would have some EQ applied and some other effects (I like to mess with the stereo field a bit sometimes!) - no real compression though, save for a hard peak limiter to catch any spikes.

I'd like to "officially" ask permission to finish working these two filesets, and to post my "matrix remaster". Of course I'd be giving due credits to you and the other taper involved. I'm a taper, too, and I've had some of my works ripped off before, so I know what that's like. I'm not intending to do that! haha I just saw the band open for Soundgarden July 29 - I've released one of my sources (I ran 3 rigs) and two other sources of that have been posted. I started working on a matrix of my source and the one from corpusse when a third post sprang up and I pulled that one in too. Then I ran across your guitar-driven recording 9after hearing the other version) and just KNEW they would reall sound great if married together!

The mix sounds really cool - it really lets you pick out everything the band is doing, all the textures to the sounds, etc. Nice stereo spread across the full field, too, which is rare for bootlegs. You can really pick out different band members seemingly standing in different places in the soundstage! Well, at least some times it seem like that, you know? Its like an audiophile bootleg or something! haha

Anyway, please, get back to me and let me know that it's all good to (once I've signed off on it) post my mix of your recording with the darktrain version. Is that ok?

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: Did you also record the second night QOTSA, and will you be posting that too? Does it by chance sound anything like the first night? because if so, I'd love to work with that one, too!

thanks for asking. no problem to mix and share. i look fwd to hearing your results.
i did not tape the next night, killer show i was in a great spot though, and my friend rolled from there. not sure if he sent me his recording yet. will have to check.
btw he also attended the 7/29 Q/SG show that you taped. he was unable to tape that night, so i would love to get him your best recording if you dont mind. i also taped the 7/30 and 7/31 shows in seattle.

take care

tapeworm48@gmail.com (fastest way to reach me cuz i am going to leave for vacation soon)

Private message 1537101 from darktrain on 2011-10-01 11:34:53 GMT
You wrote something like this:

Hey now!

I'm writing to ask your permission to work on a show you recently upped: QOTSA @ PJ20 Sept 3 2011. I've been working on making a "matrix mix" blend of your recording with the tapewormv "Josh's Guitar" version that he posted. His sounds like a wall of guitar with a tiny little band playing a hundred feet away! haha. Your recording captures the whole band fairly well, but, the mix does sound like it could use some more guitars. Well, the two recordings are just MADE for each other, you know? haha

I taped QUTSA opening for Soundgarden in Vancouver July 29, 2011. I was running 3 rigs. I have posted one of my sources so far. Two others have also popped up, so I began making a mix of my recording(s) with the others (one of the others was up-front and close, but nearly mono) mine are farther back but still dead center, and the other recording is kind of a side view. While working on this, your show was posted, and the tapewormv version, and I kind of shifted my focus onto doing this one instead!

It's starting to sound really nice! I've already scrapped 3 mixdowns that I've made with EQ'ing choices that I just wasn't happy with. I think that both sources need some EQ and some other work to make them "fit" properly. I still don't like compression and still don't use it. I'm nearly happy with my 4th attempt at a mix - I plan on doing a few more listening tests before I give it my final "stamp of approval"...

Once I get it finalized, well, I'd like to post it...

Would you mind if I shared it?

Let me know what you think.



Fine by me


TLH's output from FLAC'ing the files:

01 intro.wav: successfully encoded to '01 intro.flac' (ratio = 0.485; no need for sector alignment).
02 Turnin' On The Screw.wav: successfully encoded to '02 Turnin' On The Screw.flac' (ratio = 0.644; no need for sector alignment).
03 Monsters In The Parasol.wav: successfully encoded to '03 Monsters In The Parasol.flac' (ratio = 0.669; no need for sector alignment).
04 Burn The Witch.wav: successfully encoded to '04 Burn The Witch.flac' (ratio = 0.597; no need for sector alignment).
05 Little Sister.wav: successfully encoded to '05 Little Sister.flac' (ratio = 0.596; no need for sector alignment).
06 The Sky Is Fallin'.wav: successfully encoded to '06 The Sky Is Fallin'.flac' (ratio = 0.642; no need for sector alignment).
07 Mexicola.wav: successfully encoded to '07 Mexicola.flac' (ratio = 0.624; no need for sector alignment).
08 I Think I Lost My Headache.wav: successfully encoded to '08 I Think I Lost My Headache.flac' (ratio = 0.628; no need for sector alignment).
09 Go With the Flow.wav: successfully encoded to '09 Go With the Flow.flac' (ratio = 0.622; no need for sector alignment).
10 No One Knows.wav: successfully encoded to '10 No One Knows.flac' (ratio = 0.602; no need for sector alignment).
11 outtro.wav: successfully encoded to '11 outtro.flac' (ratio = 0.552; no need for sector alignment).

No errors occured.

01 intro.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error).
02 Turnin' On The Screw.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error).
03 Monsters In The Parasol.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error).
04 Burn The Witch.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error).
05 Little Sister.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error).
06 The Sky Is Fallin'.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error).
07 Mexicola.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error).
08 I Think I Lost My Headache.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error).
09 Go With the Flow.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error).
10 No One Knows.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error).
11 outtro.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error).