Queens Of The Stone Age
March 5 2014
South Beach

no setlist. might not even be tracked correctly. this turned out really good. i have only listened to it on headphones. with headphones the music is pretty much mono, but the audience chatter is in stereo. i lucked out with this one. i have never really made a good recording at the fillmoreMB. i was about 100' from the stage in a group of people that were pretty quiet. during quiet parts, people talk, but it's not bad. there is near clapping between songs and some yelling. but most people would say this is pretty close to an excellent recording.

mics>batt box>r9(48/24)>sdhc card reader>usb2>mac>hd>fcp7(maybe 6?)>44/16aiff>foobar(aiff to wav)>cdwaveeditor-tracking>traderslittlehelper wav to flac and everything else