Queens Of The Stone Age
The Arena at Manchester, England
20th November 2013

Sony ECM-719 > EdirolR-09HR > SD Card > WAV
> PC > CD Wave Editor (Track split) > FLAC
(Level 8) > Traders Little Helper > Dime

First time recording at this venue with my current
rig and in my opinion it has turned out quite good.
This was recorded from the left on side of the arena
facing the stage, not sure exactly how far away from
the stage but I was in lower tier 102

01.You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
02.No One Knows
03.My God Is the Sun
04.Burn the Witch
05.The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
06.Monsters in the Parasol
07.I Appear Missing
08.´┐ŻLike Clockwork
09.If I Had a Tail
11.Little Sister
12.Fairweather Friends
13.Smooth Sailing
14.Sick, Sick, Sick
15.Make It Wit Chu
16.I Sat by the Ocean
17.Better Living Through Chemistry
18.Go With the Flow
20.The Vampyre of Time and Memory
21.Feel Good Hit of the Summer
22.A Song for the Dead

104:49 mins