Queens Of The Stone Age

24 March 2014
Odeon Theatre, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Feel Like A Millionaire
No One Knows
My God Is The Sun
Burn The Witch
Monsters In The Parasol
Smooth Sailing
In My Head
The Vampyre Of Time And Memory
If I Had A Tail
Little Sister (Part I)

Intermission (Homme's Guitar goes out)

Little Sister (Part II)
I Sat By The Ocean
Make It Wit Chu
Fairweather Friends
I Appear Missing
Sick, Sick, Sick
3's & 7's
Go With The Flow
Encore Break
´┐ŻLike Clockwork
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
A Song For The Dead

Running Time: 1:48:55

Recorded: Balcony - Centre - Row E

Lineage: Zoom H2n Internal Mics - XY Stereo @ 96kHz/24bit > Adobe Audition CS6 (iZotope Ozone 5 Mastering Plugin) / Edit & Levels / 44.1kHz/16bit > Foobar - FLAC Lvl 8

The last show on their Australasian Tour, this was played as a one-off show minus NIN. Josh Homme's missus Brody Dalle has family here, which is probably part of the reason they decided to visit. The Odeon is a 100 year old building which used to be a Cinema, home to a Symphony Orchestra and more recently a church. The capacity was somewhere between 1000-1500, so tickets were gone within 5 minutes of the main sale.

They were scheduled to come on at 8:30, but there were a few issues with getting people into venue on time. Although not scheduled, Dalle played a couple of songs to warm up the crowd. The band hit the stage at around 9:15 and they were brilliant from start to finish. The sound and mix were absolutely perfect and very loud! I thought the balcony was going to fall down there at some stages. Homme's guitar went out during Little Sister, so they took a 10 minute break to get it fixed. Although I couldn't see them, the crowd were apparently pretty hectic down stairs in the GA with plenty of dust ups to be had. Upstairs people were pretty well behaved, except for the drunk dude who tripped and did a huge barrel roll down the stairs during the encore. To his credit, he didn't spill a drop of his beer and gave the thumbs to security at the end of his trip. :-P Anyway, was pretty happy with the recording, but it would have been hard not to get a half decent recording anywhere in the Theatre as the acoustics were very good.

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