Queens Of The Stone Age Rod Laver Arena Melbourne Australia

01 Worth a Dollar.flac
02 No One Knows.flac
03 Avon.flac
04 My God is the Sun.flac
05 Burn the Witch.flac
06 Smooth Sailing.flac
07 Kalopsia.flac
08 Turnin On the Screw.flac
09 If I Had a Tail.flac
10 Little sister.flac
11 Fairweather Friends.flac
12 I Appear Missing.flac
13 Make it with you.flac
14 Sick Sick Sick.flac
15 Go with the Flow.flac
16 Audience.flac
17 Vampyre.flac
18 Feel Good Hit of the Summer.flac
19 I Sat By the Ocean.flac
20 Song for the Dead.flac

Recorded by Brother Ruprecht RHS stage row H
Church Audio CA11 mikes > church audio battery box (ugly) > sony pcm m10b (no filters / line in socket ) > audacity for amplification and track split

torrent and flac files and md5 file created by traders little helper.

great show. Nine inch nails were on prior to Qotsa - will get that up later.

CA11 Cardioids did a great job. very clear sound - no distortion.

Brother Ruprecht