? and The Mysterians
Jan. 28, 2005
Thirsty Ear Tavern
Columbus, Oh.

Source: Sony ECM-909 Stereo mic (in mount on tabletop) > Sony D6
(1st table, left side of stage)
Transfer: Maxell XLII-110 Cassette > EQ (slight warming) > Harman Kardon CD Burner > Freerip (FLAC) > Bulk Rename Utility (Track ID) > Trader's Little Helper (FFP) > Torrent

Disc One
01. Do You Feel It
02. Do Something To Me
03. Ten O'Clock
04. Can't Get Enough Of You Baby
05. Girl (You Captivate Me)
06. Stand By Me
07. Hangin' On A String
08. That's How Strong My Love Is
09. I Need Somebody
10. Love Me Baby (Cherry July)
11. Got To
12. Try Me

Disc Two
13. Don't Tease Me
14. You're Telling Me Lies
15. Midnight Hour
16. 96 Tears
17. "8" Teen
18. Sally Go Round The Roses
19. I Got My Eye On You
20. 96 Tears (Reprise)

? and The Mysterians (All Original Members):
? (nee Rudy Martinez) - Vocals
Bobby Balderama - Guitar
Little Frank Rodriguez - Keyboard
Big Frank Lugo - Bass Guitar
Robert Martinez - Drums

From the promo flyer:
World's Greatest Garage Band
Primal Rock 'N Rebel, Latino Garage Punk Kings

That just about says it all...