Question Mark & The Mysterians
James Park, Evanston, IL
June 21st, 2007

Audience recording (Sony MZ-R70 MD Recorder). Good, free show. They'd played the night before in Chicago, but I had missed it. People really got into this, seemed to enjoy themselves. Band was in good form, not the tightest, but still good energy. Question Mark rambles a bit, but still fun. The recording isn't perfect -- there are some fade in's/out's in a couple of places from changing MDs, but I think I edited it pretty well. Let me know what you think. Enjoy! I'll try to post a picture or two, as well.

01 Do You Feel It?
02 I Need Somebody
03 8-Teen
04 Love Me Baby (Cherry July)
05 Don't Tease Me
06 Stand By Me
07 Can't Get Enough Of You Baby
08 You're Telling Me Lies
09 Hangin' On A String
10 Sally Go 'Round The Roses
11 That's How Strong My Love Is
12 Do Something To Me
13 Beware Joe
14 Try Me
15 Got To
16 Midnight Hour
17 96 Tears
18 Let's Have A Party
19 Satisfaction
20 96 Tears (reprise)