(? Fire Relief Benefit)
Magic Bag
Ferndale, MI
March 30, 2007

audience recording

DFC, FOB. ~30 feet back from stage.

Church Audio STC-9000 mics & preamp > iriver iHP-120 > WAV (M) > Sound Forge 8 (DC Offset Correction, Fades, Track Splits) > WAV > FLAC v.1.1.4


01. intro
02. Do You Feel It?
03. Can't Get Enough Of You Baby
04. Stand By Me
05. Try Me
06. Love Me Baby (Cherry July)
07. Got To
08. I Need Somebody
09. In the Midnight Hour
10. 96 Tears > encore break
11. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
12. 96 Tears (reprise)

The night's lineup:

Space Heaters
Outrageous Cherry
The Avatars
The Meltdowns
The Fondas
Nathaniel Mayer
Fortune & Maltese
The Hentchmen
? and The Mysterians

Recorded & transferred by Paramnesiac.

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