I've been reluctant to post this recording as it is basiclly a jam & rant led by Gary Duncan. But the recent QMS postings
have convinced me some out there may appreciate it. There is little structure with the exception of a few tracks. I recorded
it at The Last Day Saloon in San Francisco on 6/9/01. This place has seen some of music's greats including John Lee Hooker,
Buddy Miles, Etta James and Buddy Guy, Moby Grape, Country Joe & the Fishand War. You can still find original bills
anouncing the gig for Janis Joplin w/ Big Brother & The Holding Co. on the wall. I saw this show announcement in the back
pages of the SF Bay Guardian (billed as Quicksilver) and told my wife not to make plans for that night. The editing is a bit
rough as I was having to conserve battery power.At any rate, here's what transpired that evening. There seemed to be a bit
of tension between the band members and at one point you can hear Gary commenting on how they were going to play.I apologize
but I can't provide a set list or the band members.I do know that track 2 is "Wild In The City", 17 minutes worth.