Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA

Fuzz Acid & Flowers Bootleg
An Aste'RISK-DISK' ReKording for Whistling Oyster ProduKtions 1967
FYNE 006

Assumed Lineage: sbd> ? > Trade CDR > eac > wav > cool edit > cdwav > shntool > flac6

Early Set (39:56)

01.Got My Mojo Working
02.Dino's Song
03.Yellow Headed Woman > Long Distance Call
04.Acapulco Gold and Silver
05.Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
06.Smokestack Lightning
07.If You Live, Your Time Will Come
08.All Night Worker (slight cut at end)

Late Set (22:17)

09.I Hear You Knocking
10.Acapulco Gold and Silver
11.Cod'ine Blues
12.Susie Q
13.Keep Your Big Mouth Shut

Lou's Notes: Probably one of Jim Murray's last shows as he supposedly quit in October 1967. I received this as an audio weed split into 9 tracks. The 9th track was the entire 2nd set. The 8th track was not on the original setlist received or on the bootleg info I found, so I wrote it in. I took the 2nd set and split it into separate tracks and then re-tracked the whole show.

Bootleg info can be found here:


Other than that, I didn't do much other than raise the volume and take a bit of the dead space out of some of the track intros. I then converted to flac.

QMS 1967-09-14 t101.flac:f10e83b9b6a7818993314f67bc999329
QMS 1967-09-14 t102.flac:d40bcb14299798895caecfafdd79e0b7
QMS 1967-09-14 t103.flac:841699422ad19c0ee6aba58711bbfced
QMS 1967-09-14 t104.flac:9c8aad28131b9973368ab1e1904a0418
QMS 1967-09-14 t105.flac:562c43928dd8475d43037376c531cd57
QMS 1967-09-14 t106.flac:094e80f83c6650406db233f113be81c1
QMS 1967-09-14 t107.flac:4a0615310513e3d38f094aab1d8690f4
QMS 1967-09-14 t108.flac:3661fd184e079416f66c10c751c9cce4
QMS 1967-09-14 t109.flac:20d222e69630489a5b2b1786f41fe662
QMS 1967-09-14 t110.flac:c1a1a38fb741a77a69bf6cbb4b6f2a50
QMS 1967-09-14 t111.flac:542f5e1680470b4172ac1a677948d1cc
QMS 1967-09-14 t112.flac:9f69e4fbdd6737b0956da2068801133a
QMS 1967-09-14 t113.flac:6ef2be937e4ff1fcce540ccbb277c959