Quicksilver Messenger Service
Family Park, San Jose, CA.
AUD > ?unknown gen? > ?unknown digital process? > CDR > EAC > FLAC

1. Dino's Song
2. Back Door Man
3. Light Your Windows *
4. It's Been Too Long
5. Who Do You Love?
6. Gold And Silver *
7. The Fool

* - with Steve Schuster on flute & sax

Since there always a demand for QMS on Dime, I pulled this obsure one I fire out to all of you! No problem in sharing QMS, they are favorate band (right by Spirit and J.A.) from the flower power era!

I put this one up because of the recent North California Folk Festival. The AUD recorder of that event, minus Jorma's, is the same person of this one too! This was taped on 3" inch reels by a then young teenager, Tom O.!

Sometimes we have to just have to grateful that someone out there was taping, espeically back then. However, PLEASE BE WARNED that this is one icky sounding recording. I am well aware this is not be a popular download due to that. But, I also know perhaps you are like me, and wish to get any and all Quicksilver from their classic era. Why not, discs are so cheap!

Tom O. is a great soul, but I have been sadly out of contact with him for about two years. What I do know he is still out there, of course much better equipment, taping shows (mostly in Tx. where he lives now) of great music! I can tell you that he has still never transferred his master reels of this show, so this is circulation version is good as it gets for now.

So, if you're ready, deep collector, to strain your ears to the joyful sounds of QMS.

Enjoy, as always,
-Tom S.

ps. If one remasters this recording for public use, please inform me and others.