Quicksilver Messenger Service
October 8, 1967
Family Park
San Jose, CA
Benefit for The Haight Ashbury Medical Clinic

This recording is from the same original source recording as the previous seed of this show at:


However this this new seed is an upgrade for the following reasons:
1. This one has none of the ringing in the sound that's in the previous seed.
2. The previous seed had low levels in the left channel, this one has both channels with good levels.
3. The new seed is longer: 43:15 instead of 41:56, with the first song now complete.
4. This copy has better more precise lineage, being a transfer from a PCM Beta digital copy of John Cipollina's reel of this show.

Though a bit hissy, I consider this to be a very good audience outdoor recording, especially for 1967. Check the sample with a similar section sample from the previous seed to get an idea of how this sounds. Hopefully the upgrade will be apparent even comparing mp3 samples, but either way, I am fairly certain that all will agree after download that this copy sounds better and not at all "icky" as the previous upload of this show was described as by the seeder.

1. Dino's Song 3:28
2. Back Door Man 3:59
3. Light Your Windows 3:59 [with Steve Schuster - flute & sax]
4. It's Been Too Long 3:18
5. Who Do You Love? 8:01
6. Gold And Silver 11:11 [with Steve Schuster - flute & sax]
7. The Fool 9:19

Some consider John Cipollina's reels to be masters but that cannot be certain in most cases. Since the previous info claimed that the master was "taped on 3 inch reels by a then young teenager, Tom O.", Cipollina's reel might then be assumed by some to be a 1st gen. copy but of course that cannot be known for sure either. Nevertheless, this does sound like a low gen. copy.

Lineage: AUD > ?? > John Cipollina's reel > PCM Beta tape > Pro Tools [minor "nip and tuck" edits, normalization & tracking] > AIFF files > xACT [Flac level 8 files with sector boundaries verified]. md5 file created with checkSUM+.

Enjoy & Share!