Winterland December 31 1967 - New Years Eve show plus final jam

AUD>?>tape trade> cassette> eurorack MX 802A professional equalizer>
philips standalone burner CDR560> cdr audio>EAC>wav>COOLEDIT>wav>flac

remastered and transferred and artworked by yours truly pgl

Disc One
1. instrumental
2. pride of man
3. who do you love
4. if you live
5. too long
6. smokestack lightning
7. babe i'm gonna leave you
8. gold & silver
9. dino's song
10. back door man
11. mona/maiden of the cancer moon

Disc Two - The Final Jam
1. peepin & hidin
2. ride this train (?)
3. you don't remember me (?)

john cipollina, greg elmore, gary duncan, david freiberg
disc two with janis joplin, marty balin, dino valenti, jorma kaukonen, jack casady

well, here is my version of this rather rare and not much circulated show.

through my trading years, i had collected several versions of this show, plus the elusive final jam, featuring, among others, dino valenti. jorma kaukonen and janis joplin.

what you have here, is the result of a long, painful work of cut, paste and restoration. i have used the best portions available of the various sources (7 in all).
after that, i have done a restoration job using analog equalizer and cool edit.

the result, to my ears, is satisfactory, but you'll be the judge.

for the sake of precison, here is more or less the various combinations:

cd1, track 1-2 source 1, track 3-6 source 2, tracks 7-10 source 3, track 11 source 4
cd2, tracks 1-2 source 1. track 3 source 2

but what matters is music, and here you not only find the quick in great shape, but also, as i said, some precious bonus such as the vocals of dino on track 2 of the final jam, not to mention janis.

i have attached here some sound samples.
as usual, cover art inclued
as usual, enjoy,share and preserve.