QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE - KSAN, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 1968*, 1ST & 2ND GIG, FM SBD, new transfer from reel to reel (request).

*This tape is circulating as april 1st or 6th 1968. Nobody really know if the performances broadcasted by
KSAN were exactely the same of the Winterland show from April 6th.

Disc One :

1st Gig.

1. The Fool
2. Pride Of Man
3. Walkin' Blues
4. Light Your Window
5. Who Do You Love
6. Smokestack Lightning (fades out at the very end)

Disc Two.

2nd Gig.

1. The Fool (around m. 5:56 the sound is missing for 1 sec)
2. Who Do You Love
3. Gold and Silver +
4. Too Long +
5. Backdoor Man

+ possibly the Saxophone player on those 2 tracks is Steve Schuster.

KSAN FM Broadcast.

1st generation reel to reel > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 audio equalizer > tascam audio cdrw750 > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Since Tom S. and a couple of others asked me if i had a clean copy of this show, cause the ones circulating have various different problems, i took the occasion to dig out my original reel to reel of this show and to
make a new transfer with the pro equipment i have those days...well i'm glad i did it, cause i forgot how good this show was and how great the sound quality is....check out the samples and you will not be deluded......