Quicksilver Messenger Service
Winterland, San Francisco, CA
December 31, 1969

Early show

1. Subway 6:51
2. I Believe (aka Catching My Death, Sweet Situation) 10:13
3. Words Can't Say 3:31
4. Mojo 6:30
5. Mona > applause 8:51
6. City of Stone (aka Lady of the Night) 7:33
7. Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder 8:18
Total 51:49

NB 'I Just Wanna Make Love To You' was also played in this set.

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This came to me on a CD-R as 'QMS - Winterland, December 31, 1969' with 10 tracks. Tracks 8 - 10 are actually by Moby Grape from December 31, 1966

Cipollina, Duncan, Elmore, Freiberg, Hopkins, Valente

This set was part of a long New Year's Eve concert put on at the Winterland from 8pm to 6am by Bill Graham. Performers were: Hot Tuna, The sons (of Champlin), QMS, New Years Jam (members of many of the bands), Jefferson Airplane, The Sons, QMS, Jefferson Airplane.

See enclosed file 'Faren Miller - December 31, 1969 Winterland.pdf', which is an extract from Faren Miller's Quicksilver Diaries (as posted to the Cipollina mailing list) for a detailed description of the event.