The following information comes from jjoops. Please see below it for the FLAC information.
Quicksilver Messenger Service Red Vest Oahu, HI 6/13/70

Master soundboard reel > ? > Molly cassette (probable
first gen) > Nakamichi (uncertain model) cassette
playback > Sony PCM R500 master DAT > Sony PCM R500 DAT
clone > HHB 800 master CD > HP 9350i extraction (EAC v0.9
beta 4) > slight editing using Sound Forge Studio 6.0 >
tracking (CD Wave v1.6) > sector boundary verification
(shntool v1.01) > .shn encoding (mkwACT v0.97 beta 1).

Single Disc
01. Fresh Air
02. Warm Red Wine
03. Subway
04. Pride of Man
05. Baby Baby
06. The Hat
07. Freeway Flyer
08. Mojo

- d1t01 Fresh Air extreme mix and level fluctuations for about the first three minutes.
- There are occasional warts throughout this recording, but it is quite excellent.

Got this from jjoops about a year ago in Audio, from his uncirculated SHN, as I was unable use SHN at the time. Since then, I took that very same Audio CD, ran it EAC (test and copy), checked the .wav files for any problems then encoded it into FLAC.

Lastly, I also did tests the FLAC to make sure it remained error free. Everything good on all counts, so here we go! This is the best possible way to get this show in FLAC format.

There had to been a different crew recording QMS than the Grateful Dead on this date. The sound on here is of great range and mixing, while the G.D.'s is flat and tinny.

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