Quicksilver Messenger Service
Fillmore West?
San Francisco, CA
probably June-September 1970
VG audience recording

Lineage: audience master > wav > flac

Mastering: None except indexing of tracks.

Track listing:

Disc 1 (42:20)

01. Intro (1:05)
02. Fresh Air 5:36
03. Baby Baby 4:12
04. Subway 6:09
05. Too Far 3:16
06. The Truth 7:50
07. Warm Red Wine 3:00
08. Pride of Man 3:59

Disc 2 (49:03)

01. Mona 1:38
02. Long Haired Lady 2:46
03. Mojo [cut in middle] 4:57
04. Edward, the Mad Shirt Grinder 6:37
05. Who Do You Love 29:39

The above timings are song timings, not CD track timings.

Some years ago i received a box of master reels to transfer, all recorded in the S.F.
area in 1969 and 1970, and including a variety of artists. I think most of these are
in circulation, how widely i don't know. They were all recorded by the same taper,
and these were the original reels.

Tape details:

This recording occupied two sides of a single reel tape, with the side change occurring
in the middle of "Mojo." Rather than split the song across two CDs, i moved the disc
break back to the tape cut that occurs between "Pride of Man" and "Mona."

While very good audio quality overall, the first part of this recording has very low
vocals, virtually inaudible in most places. This must just have been due to unfortunate
positioning of the taper. Guitar and keyboards are strong and clear, but everything else
is buried. It's interesting to hear what amount to instrumental versions of the songs
during this first half, but it's a shame that the vocals are inaudible.

Just after the start of "Pride of Man, the vocals come forward, although still
not really strong, and stay that way for most of the remainder. I guess the taper
changed position at that point.

This is yet another recording where the venue and date are uncertain. It's probably
one of the Fillmore West dates from the summer of 1970. The band played there 18-21 June,
09-12 July, and 17-20 September. An earlier date in February has been torrented, so it's
not that one.

A recording attributed to the Fillmore West on 10 July 1970 is listed on etree, with a
very similar song selection. But the run of shows a few weeks earlier seems equally
likely for this tape. I can't really find any reason to prefer one of these runs over
the others, so i'm calling this June-September 1970.

Any of these dates would make this the latest dated recording in this batch of tapes so
far; the previous latest recordings are from May 1970.

As usual, additional facts or speculations are always welcome!