Quicksilver Messenger Service
Swing Auditorium
San Bernardino, CA

01 Fresh Air 5:24
02 Walk On The Line 5:40
03 Dr. Feelgood 5:06
04 Words Can't Say 3:16
05 The Truth 7:12
06 Call On Me 11:06
07 Roadrunner 3:54
08 Mojo 5:57
09 What About Me 7:34
10 Ain't That A Shame 8:22

I received this CD-R in a trade and don't even know who I got it from and when. The only confirmed information are the venue and the date on the CD-R. So I tried to find out the titles, which wasn't difficult in most cases. But track 02 was quite a challenge. I tried to find a familiar title to the text on Michael J. Cross' site, but I had no success. Just from listening I am sure the title is "Walk On The Line", because it's the most repeated line in the text. Perhaps it was the only time they played it. Just before the song you can hear "Hey, listen, here's a brand new song, that we've never played in front of anybody before."
With track 04 I am not quite sure as well.

There's also no line-up. John Cipollina and Nicky Hopkins left AFAIK middle of 1970, but in an interview John said, that he couldn't refuse playing also in a few concerts after that. I believe that John does play here, but sometimes I am in doubt. If you can assure me, go ahead.

The lineage is not clear as well. It sounds like a SBD or a very good audience. After some googling I found only one reference to this concert on a CD-R trading page. Just from QMS saying that they didn't have much more time to play, or before the last song they said they had only three minutes more left, I guessed that they had played together with other bands. And indeed, they had. I found 2 references for this date. Mike Bloomfield (there is an existing SBD recording) opened for Fleetwood Mac (there's also an existing SBD recording).
Because the recording on the CD-R was not properly tracked, I retracked it with Adobe Audition 2 and encoded it to flac.

Lineage: SBD? > ? > CD-R > > Adobe Audition 2 (re-tracking, flac) > HD > Dime

So that's all I could find out about this concert. Maybe someone can help with further information.

Okay, found out something more. Sometimes it's better to "dime" than to google. On the dime page of new, removed and banned torrents I found out that the Fleetwood Mac torrent is still running (http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=113170&hit=1).
And in the comment section there is a poster of the show, which I will include in the torrent.
Also the Mike Bloomfield was seeded here before, but it is now removed and it was seeded with the wrong date (1971-03-24), by the way the date the Fleetwood Mac show was also traded before.

Seeded on Dime by jaype 2007-03-23