DATE: 1977.07.26
CITY: New Orleans
SIZE :600 Meg

Lineage: WNOE-101FM broadcast> Sony 7035 receiver>Sony TC-D 153> TDK-CrO-90 Cassette
tape MASTER > JVC TD-W209 cassette playback deck >JVC XL-R5010 stand-alone>cdr (0)>
cdr (1) 1zeppelin2 > > EAC [secure mode/offset correct] WAVE > FLAC Level 8

I take this one from Trader' Den.It's a very,very great show.Thanks to Freezer to tape this one and 1zeppelin2
for the seed

"New Orleans Loves Dino Valente"

Disc 1 (79.20)

01.Fresh Air 04:24
02.Doctor Boogie 05:31
03.I Just Can't Have You 05:46
04.Mona 09:05
05.My Guitar 04:55
06.Jump Back To Me 04:48
07.Cowboy On The Run 05:12
08.Bitter Sweet Love 05:26
09.What About Me? 07:57
10.Freeway Flyer 06:51
11.Call For Encore/I Want To Fly 03:22
12.Just A Country Boy 05:59
13.Baby Baby 04:08
14.Who DO You Love? 05:56

John Cipollina & Nicky Hopkins are definitely not in this lineup;
here is the band lineup likely for this show:

Gary Duncan - guitar, vocals;
Greg Elmore - drums;
Michael Lewis - keyboards;
Skip Olsen - bass;
Dino Valente - guitar, vocals

AND a big thanks for sharing this one!!

Notes from Freezer:

if you want to put a title to this show, might I suggest that you use the title,
"New Orleans Loves Dino Valente" .....because you can hear the absolute love for
him on that tape. Now I was also at this show as well as having taped it from home.
The club where this was performed was about 12 blocks from where I lived, so I
started the tape and went to the show. I missed the cheesy intro by the station's dj,
but the broadcast is otherwise complete.

1zeppelin2 Notes:

I never heard of this band and man, how amazing are they!! I researched them online and they
were quite the racket in the late 60's early 70's......They did a few gigs with the Grateful
Dead throughout San Francisco area and man these guys rocked. Get this show!!! You will love
it!!! Freezer gave this a fantastic title:

"New Orleans Loves Dino Valente"

Listen, enjoy, smoke a cigar, joint ....have a drink or two and relax....A toast
to freezer for this recording!!!