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"Shady Grove" rehearsals, 1969

Source: Soundboard cassette (low gen)
Transfer: Cassette > Nakamichi CD1 > Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.8 MHz) > dBpoweramp > wav 24/96
Lineage: wav 24/96 > iZotope RX8 Advanced > wav 16.44 > Cd Wave > flac 16

01 Joseph's Coat
02 Flashing Lonesome (instrumental version)
03 Flute Song
04 Holy Moly
05 Words Can't Say
06 Shady Grove
07 3 or 4 Feet From Home (instrumental version)
08 Too Far

John Cipollina - guitar, vocals
Nicky Hopkins - piano, organ, celeste, harpsichord, cello
David Freiberg - bass, vocals, guitar, viola
Greg Elmore - drums, percussion


- This comes from a large box of tapes that I bought from eBay. It's described on the label as Rough Mixes but some of these songs have click tracks on them so maybe this might be more correctly described as rehearsals. None of these versions have appeared on any of the other outtakes that have been in circulation for many years.


- There was a low level buzz which been removed.
- The first track was "Who Do You Love" which I've excluded as it has nothing to do with "Shady Grove"

transferred and edited
April 2021