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The Rhythm Festival, Bedford, UK
30th Aug. 2008

Excellent aud. rec. A++ (Olympus linear pcm recorder LS-10)

Complete show, total time 66:22

01. Fresh Air (5:38)
02. Close Enuf 4 Jazz (6:13)
03. Mona (10:08)
04. Pride Of Man (4:35)
05. I Don't Want To Live In Fear (6:47)
06. Bubba Jeans (6:49)
07. Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder (7:50)
08. Who Do You Love (7:25)
09. Gypsy Lights (3:42)
10. What About Me (7:07)

Line up:

Gary Duncan - vocal, lead guitar
David Freiberg - vocal, acoustic rhythm guitar
Chris Smith - keyboard
Linda Imperial - vocal, maracas
Jeff Pevar - vocal, bass
Tony Morley - drums

In october 2008 Watchit uploaded "probably the earliest known
QMS recorded August 1966" (Thanks, Watchit).

I think the best respond is "probably the latest known QMS
recorded August 2008".

So, let's hear it 42 years later!

In their entire history QMS played only 3 gigs
in Europe - 3 dates in UK, summer 2008. This is the third and
the last one of that short UK tour last summer.
The Rhythm Festival was 3 days festival, and QMS played the second
day. They started their show at 14:45 h.
You can find few photos from this show on QMS official web site,
so please visit.

Also, please, support musicians buying original CDs and visiting their
shows. I'm doing it so please do the same.

I missed QMS torrent BB King's Bar and Grill, NY, 2006-08-12
so if anybody could reseed it I would appreciate. Thanks!

Share and enjoy!

Profesor Z