Quicksilver Messenger Service with Nick Gravenites
1968-xx-xx ::: California(?) ::: unknown studio session
outtake ::: M1or2*-ST (48kHz/24bit files)

~*~ Carefully remastered fixing a couple of minor issues, without EQ or NR ~*~

01. Bells Are Ringing

Total Time ::: 3:20

::: EXC+ stereo studio track. Check sample while downloading & by then you'll already have the whole enchilada.
::: Warts (None I heard): Repaired a couple of dullspots, but coulda missed one or two.
::: Tape is as labeled. Information was requested from several people but none was forthcoming.
::: Surely penned by Nick. Noted as"outtake"but sounds more like a demo or rehearsal & is possibly an unfinished song.
::: Gravenites wasn't a QMS member but helped produce their 1st LP&has 3 song credits on their 3rd("Shady Grove").
::: If someone knows more about the session this was taken from, please do tell.

Recording Information ::: John Cipollina's (master or 1st generation) stereo studio reel -> 48kHz DAT -> 1st or 2nd analog generation Maxell MX-90 cassette, Dolby B on. (*As with many of John's reels, actual lineage is unknown).

Playback 2021-02-xx :::: 1st or 2nd analog generation Maxell MX-90 cassette on Nakamichi 680ZX cassette deck, Dolby B on, azimuth adjusted for individual tape, heads cleaned & demagnetized -> Sony Linear PCM Recorder PCM-M10 (48kHz/24bit wav file) -> computer -> Audacity [normalisation to remove DC offset (NOT to normalize volume), channel/phase alignment, fades, a few manual one-at-a-time dullspot repairs, volume adjustments, pitch (speed) checked OK in frequency analysis, NO equalisation, NO noise reduction] -> CD Wave (track splits) -> 48kHz/24bit flacs (Trader's Little Helper) -> yr ears. Freed 2021-07-xx.

Line-up (unconfirmed)::: John Cipollina (†R.I.P. 1989†) - electric guitar // Nick Gravenites - lead vocals // Gary Duncan (born Eugene Duncan, Jr., adopted at birth and named Gary Ray Grubb †R.I.P. 2019†) - electric guitar, vocals // David Freiberg - electric bass // Gregory Dale "Greg" Elmore - drums.

Nothing here ever commercially released to my knowledge. If I'm wrong, please advise & I'll take the offending trax offline.

DimeTravel 845 ::: Thanks to the original taper & trader! Sincere thanks to whomever uploads this for me. ::: Corrections welcome ::: Assuming JC's tape notations were correct & copied correctly, this is NOT a later Gravenites&Cipollina effort, but in fact QMS from early on as noted. Guesswork could place this as a 1st QMS LP messaround song while Nick was producing. It does have a rough feel, like it is just being worked out. It certainly sound more like the '68 era than the next year - alternately, if the tape was mis-labeled, then it could certainly be much later outtake as is not unlike some later Gravenites&Cippolina efforts. The overt cocaine reference makes you wonder about the '68 date, but the sound of the other musicians does sound more like QMS to me, doesn't really sound like Nick on guitar. Perhaps some experts, like mossa or mjcrossuk could give it a listen & offer a more authoritative guess than I. Some KILLER John Cipollina guitarwork, whatever the case may be & tt's a fine listen, has graced my ears on many an occasion since the mid-80s. Your turn. Listen, enjoy, show appreciation, share, give, spread peace. Yrs truly, Knees

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