Gary Duncan's Quicksilver
Live Oaks

**Audience Recording** Quality B+ > A-
I know. You need more information. Wish I had some. I got this in about 2001 and I was pretty new to trading at that time so I wasn't too intent on getting recording info. Sorry.
I really think this is another guitarist who has been overlooked. John Cipolina kind of overshadowed him in QMS. Try this one out if you need a good jazz fix. This guy can really impovise....twofthrs

Disc One
Close Enuff For Jazz
Bubba Jeans
Inner City Blues
Boogie Thang

Disc Two
Pool Hall Chili
Round Midnight>Omago Tango
Little Red Ride Out
Senor Blues

Wish I had more info. If you know anything about this recording please PM me or post in the thread.