RL Burnside
Morehead Chop House
Charlotte NC
Sept 12 1997

cass master>Dat to me by taper>
file cloned in Microtrack using
a Tascam dat deck>Goldwave tracking>

Produced by Dolphinsmile
for the Dolphinsmile Archive

1. Po Black Mattie
2. Shake Em On Down
3. Fireman Ring The Bell
4. Skinny Woman
5. Long Haired Donie
6. Walkin' Blues*
7. Bad Luck And Trouble*
8. Poor Boy
9. Goin' Down South
10. Alice Mae
11. Jumper On The Line
12. Snakedrive
13. Out On The Road

RL Burnside - Guitar & Vocals
Kenny Brown - Guitar
Cedric Burnside - Drums