Raccoon Creek Bluegrass Festival
Raccoon Creek Music Park
Dallas, GA

Source: AKG C451E w/ CK22 > Sound Devices Mixpre > Tascam DR-680 MKII @2496 > SDHC
Transfer: SDHC > Samplitude Pro X2 Suite (Build 256) > TLH (flac8, ffp) > Foobar2000 v1.3.10 (Live Show Tagger)
Location: ~45' from stage, DFC, 4' high

Taylor Sosebee Band
s1t01 - //Can't You Hear Me Callin
s1t02 - I've Forgotten You
s1t03 - I'm Waiting To Hear You Call Me Darlin'
s1t04 - It's Raining In L.A.
s1t05 - I'm Slowly Gettin' You Out Of The Way
s1t06 - Steel Rails
s1t07 - Bullsboro Introduction

s2t01 - Big Spike Hammer
s2t02 - Blue Trail Of Sorrow
s2t03 - Ocean Of Diamonds
s2t04 - Close By
s2t05 - Clinch Mountain Backstep
s2t06 - Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
s2t07 - Workin' Man Blues
s2t08 - Blue & Lonesome
s2t09 - Blue Night
s2t10 - He Took Your Place
s2t11 - Christine's Tune (Devil In Disguise)
s2t12 - 501 Central Introduction

501 Central
s3t01 - Helen
s3t02 - You'll Always Be My Darlin'
s3t03 - When My Baby Is Far Away
s3t04 - Steppin' Stone
s3t05 - Band Introductions
s3t06 - My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame
s3t07 - Lonesome River
s3t08 - The Girl I Love Don't Pay Me No Mind
s3t09 - Goodbye Time
s3t10 - I'll Be With You
s3t11 - Born To Be With You
s3t12 - Blackjack
s3t13 - Barbedwire Introduction

s4t01 - Hangman's Noose
s4t02 - ??
s4t03 - Charlie Walker
s4t04 - Tombstone
s4t05 - Days Are Long
s4t06 - Don't B Flat
s4t07 - Band Introductions
s4t08 - Ghost Ship
s4t09 - Second Wind
s4t10 - Sitting On Top Of The World
s4t11 - Bartow County Jail
s4t12 - Hatfields & McCoys
s4t13 - Amazing Grace
s4t14 - Rain Please Go Away
s4t15 - ??
s4t16 - Old Mill Road Introduction

Old Mill Road
s5t01 - I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
s5t02 - ??
s5t03 - Call Me The Breeze
s5t04 - ??
s5t05 - Cold Rain & Snow
s5t06 - Band Introductions
s5t07 - Rocky Top
s5t08 - I Want You To Want Me
s5t09 - The Way I Am
s5t10 - Runnin' Down A Dream
s5t11 - 16th Avenue
s5t12 - Fire On The Mountain
s5t13 - Taking Care Of Business
s5t14 - Midnight Rider
s5t15 - Man Of Constant Sorrow

There were some ladies sitting in front of me that were a but chatty at times, and one of them was a clapper. I wasn't able to get my stand up very high, I was asked not to be in anyone's way and was asked to go unnoticed. There were rows of auditorium seats underneath the barn roof, and set my mics so they were just over the top of the seats in front of me.