Rachel Newton and Broken Records at Pacific Quay Glasgow Scotland, recorded for BBC Radio Scotland "Quay Sessions" 2018-03-015, BBC live 320kbps HLS stream, ts audio transfer

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Roddy welcomes Rachel Newton and Broken Records to the Quay Stage.

Rachel was voted Musician Of The Year at the 2017 Radio 2 Folk Awards and her album Here's My Heart Come Take It was also nominated for Scottish Album Of The Year.

Edinburgh's Broken Records have a decade of making records and touring across the US and Europe under their belts. Described as having 'the rock'n'roll drive of Springsteen with the lyrical depth of The Waterboys', they're about to release their 4th album, What We Might Know, and embark on a Scottish tour.

01 intro

Rachel Newton:

02 Here's My Heart Come Take It
03 Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad
04 banter
05 The Bloody Gardener
06 interview
07 Chaidh Mo Dhonnchadh Dhan Bheinn / Proud Maisre
08 banter
09 'S Toil Leam Chruinneag Dhonn Nam Bo
10 banter
11 Jolene
12 banter
13 The Eggshell Brewery/Up The Lum
14 outro

Broken Records:
01 intro
02 A Darkness Rises Up
03 Let The Right One In
04 Perfect Hollow Love
05 interview
06 I used to dream
07 Mid Air
08 banter
09 Ditty
10 They won't ever leave us alone
11 banter
12 Someday You'll Remember Me
13 banter
14 What We Might Know