RACHEL SERMANNI - Groningen, Simplon, 6 September 2015

This is my recording of Rachel Sermanni's show at the Simplon in Groningen, the Netherlands on 6 September, 2015. This was an afternoon performance in front of a relatively small audience of 50-60 people.

It was very difficult to record this show as some of the songs were very quiet and other songs included loud drums. Also, I had some problems with my microphone so I ended up with a mono recording. However, I would still say that the result is very listenable.

LINEAGE: Edirol R-09 + custom-made mics > audacity (level adjustment) > CD wave (track splits) > FLAC (level 8)

The band:
Rachel Sermanni: vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Jen Austin: piano, backing vocals
Tom Terrell: acoustic guitar, drums


01 Lay-Oh
02 Wine Sweet Wine
03 Run
04 Sleep
05 Waltz
06 Marshmallow Unicorn
07 This Love
08 Tractor
09 Don't Fade
10 The Fog
11 Old Lady's Lament
12 What You Are

(TT 68:31)

Enjoy the show and if you like what you hear, PLEASE leave a comment!!

***PLEASE do NOT encode to mp3 or other lossy formats AND DO NOT SELL!***